Strategic Time Management – The 18 Minute Rule

22 Oct

Hello Socialights!

Ever get repetitively sidetracked by social media? Well, look no further we are here to help!  Cut down multiple hours of unproductive social media use to only 18 efficient minutes! Find your focus, master distraction, and get the right things done!

Learn how to “work on social media” rather than “in social media” with these simple tips!

Pick Your Social Media High Five

With the use of a calendar, pick five areas that are important to your respected venture for the year. By simply prioritizing tasks, you will be able to focus on main events rather than those of minuscule importance. Once you have selected your five areas of focus, spend 95% of your social media time on these tasks and leave the remaining 5% for exploring and time cushions.

Get the Right Things Done

Remember, the purpose of the “social media high five” is to ensure  that the right things get done. Don’t waste your time on tasks that are unimportant, no matter how distracting they may be. Stay focused!

And finally, the 18 minute rule.

 Step 1 : Your Social Media Morning (5 minutes)

Like an agenda with your personal appointments, plan out your day in terms of social media. What has to get done? By simply creating a to-do list, decide what and when each thing needs to get done. Don’t stress yourself with unfeasible expectations and workloads. Be realistic and productive.

Step 2:  Social Media Refresh and Refocus (1 minute every hour)

Overseeing your social media on an hourly basis is a discipline as well as a science. A simple check up every hour can prevent a bottleneck of social media clutter daily. By setting alarms or reminders, you can effectively keep your social channels up-to-date and ensure everything is on track.

Step 3: Your Social Media After Dark (5 minutes)

Review. Take a look-back on the progress of your social media day. How did my social media day go? What did I accomplish? Whom did I interact with? How many people responded to my posts? Should I respond to, or acknowledge any RTs, comments, or posts? Building and/or maintaining relationships are key in the social media realm. With so much clutter in the social media world, it is easy to forget easy tasks such as responses to followers. Remember to share appreciation, congratulate someone or offer thanks to your followers.

Additionally, keep these tips in mind to total the 18 minute plan.

Social Media Delete

Invitations via social media flood our inboxes daily. Don’t get sidetracked, choose what to respond to, and what to ignore. Give yourself a few minutes a day for reviewing and sorting out the important from the unimportant.

Finally, the Social Media Calendar

Place the most difficult and most vital items at the beginning of your day. Also, plan these items according to when and where they will be completed. “Statistics show that when you schedule an action item with a time and date, the chances of it getting done are far greater than letting it float”. It’s also better to get things done early in your day before you forget about them altogether.

Stay tuned every Monday for more social media tips and tricks from Socialights.

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