Social Media Workflows

29 Oct

Do you ever find yourself with too many tangled social media accounts and being unable to efficiently manage them? Consider investing in a social media workflow: a series of connected steps that tie an entire organization as a whole that minimize both error and overlapping of tasks in order to effectively serve your desired target market. Although the benefits of social media workflows vary, the most common is an increase in productivity and time management, as well, the ability to sync all accounts without unprofessional mishaps or confusion. Without the use of a workflow, your venture could fall behind productively and experience a social media crisis.

Finding a social media workflow that best fits both you and your venture can sometimes be challenging. Factors such as fear of difficulty or inexperience, training or lack of team adaptation, or simply the overwhelming amount of opinionated blogs and sources can distract you from investing in a workflow. Well not anymore. Socialights’ are here to save the day! Below is a comparison of three popular social media workflows that may work for you!


Serving over 4+ million customers, HootSuite is universally one of the most commonly known social media workflows. Serving both small and large corporations, clients such as Mc Donalds’, Sony Music, and Lamborghini use HootSuite to effectively manage multiple media platforms. HootSuite allows users to manage multiple social profiles, schedule messages as well as tweets, track brand mentions, and analyze social media traffic.


HootSuite offers 3 price-dependent membership plans, allowing ventures to find one that suits them best. Unlike other social media workflow systems, the flexibility of price planning is great as it welcomes smaller businesses who are new to the social media realm. It allows companies to upgrade their membership as they grow in the social media community and require highly integrated utilities. By upgrading your membership, tools such as unlimited social profiles, enhanced analytical reports (including Google and Facebook insights), and unlimited RSS feeds are available at your fingertips are available. This allows the user to customize in terms of preference. As social media is a key player in modern-day marketing it is important to analyze who is your target market and whom you are actually targeting. With the use of analytical reports, the volume of traffic can be further analyzed in terms of helpful data such as demographics. HootSuite is also web based, meaning it can be used via iPhone (including other mobile devices), iPad, and with a computer allowing social network management to be easily accessible as well as flexible! HootSuite as an online platform benefits the user in terms of computer resources; memory, mobility as well as flexibility of internet servers (Firefox, Chrome).


Although HootSuite has a visually appealing interface, there is not enough space to display more than 4 columns at the same time. Due to the tight space, it is important to plan and prioritize columns and tools accordingly. As well, there are not many tools in the free version, and there is a slow updating process on both mobile and computer interfaces. Additionally, the Android platform does not post links to picture posts via Facebook. Without being able to preview images, it is impossible to tag and other actions are hindered through these devices.

Interested in setting up a HootSuite account? Check out:


The new and improved Sysomos is redefining social media analytics that allows users to measure, monitor, and understand social media traffic at ease with a few clicks of the mouse. The 4 key steps of Sysomos’ methodology are: data collection, information processing, data analysis, and you (the user). As conversations are happening within both social and traditional media, Sysomos processes the information and converts it into metrics as well as comparative trends. With all this information, the user can collect insights regarding social buzz and geo-demographics.


Providing access to all blogs, social networks, micro-blogging services, forums, and media sources, Sysomos is your one-stop workflow for an extensive generated analysis. Covering all major social media sources, from Facebook to LinkedIn and so on, Sysomos is equipped with Heartbeat and Sysomos MAP applications. As the social media world is rapid and growing, trusted instantaneous results are a must in order to make quick, reliable decisions. Heartbeat, a social media monitoring and measurement tool, provides consistent updated insights of conversations via user-friendly graphics. Heartbeat organizes means of communication such as conversation, workflows, and collaborations with the use of split screens that filter topics of interest. For example, Tweets about a particular product in a positive tone. The Sysomos MAP is a psychographic tool that delivers insights as well as intelligence that delivers insights regarding why they are happening and who is driving them. With the use of this application, unlimited queries, collaboration, and detailed reports for clients are possible. Sysomos dashboard is of great convenience, as it allows the user to monitor all pages from a single dashboard designed for team collaboration and easy reporting. Additionally, insights and analysis can be delivered through email, widgets, and PDF reports – whichever suits your needs best. Unlike HootSuite, the price of this workflow is not hidden and is affordable when compared to other workflows.


Unfortunately, only signing up with Sysomos does not provide you with their original products, Heartbeat and Sysomos MAP.  Sysomos’ basic Heartbeat program costs $550 US a month but requires a startup cost of $500 US. This program comes equipped with 5 search queries, 10 tags and unlimited results. As your venture or needs grow, upgrades are available to increase the amount of queries and tags. Additionally, Sysomos lacks Youtube and Google buzz, in other words, analysis of popular topics via these platforms.


Cision is a social media monitoring workflow that notifies the user what is being said via social channels in order to shape your approach and engage with your market. Similar to Sysomos, Cision provides analytics and powerful metrics that allow the user to define and track valuable information from all social media websites, including file ad image sharing sites.


Cision, a UK and Sweden based company, partnered with 125 countries worldwide ensures a diverse language selection and is optimized for multi-national clients with a large amount of global contacts. As an easy tool to setup, Cision’s workflow is customizable and provides training through their website. Additionally, free tools, such as EdCals, alerts customers on major stories and events. The CisionPoint tool optimizes major channels and can record and store every media interaction to one place. According to blog PR Campanion, 49/50 PR agencies, corporations, nonprofits, universities, and solo practitioners use Cision’s workflow.


Cision is known for poor customer service in terms of long wait times regarding questions and concerns about the workflow. Additionally, Cision’s visually poor interface is often confusing and requires solid training.

Social media workflows are beneficial yet intricate. It is important to define what is an efficient workflow for your venture in terms of software and practices. By establishing the purpose of your workflow, it is easier to narrow down the options. For instance, consider HootSuite vs. Sysomos. Sysomos’ strengths include extensive analytical applications similar to HootSuite (ie. the one of a kind Sysomos MAP – defines demographic and psychographics of targeted social media). Although HootSuite provides analytical applications as well, Sysomos’ applications seem to be more in-depth and specialized in this sector. Based on your venture’s objectives and needs of a workflow, the user is able to invest on a workflow based on cost, time, training, and level of need. So before you decide on which social media workflow to use, think about what you want it to do, and chose the one that fits best.



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