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The Marketing Social Media Battle: Beneficial vs Waste of Time

5 Nov

Everyday, we are subjected to thousands of messages wherever we go and whoever we talk to. Marketing messages are everywhere selling us products or services, whether it be billboards or word-of-mouth, sometimes without us noticing. Nowadays, marketing has taken a modern-day turn and has entered the social media realm. Marketing experts have taken over Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other countless social media platforms to spread their campaigns. But how do we employ social media marketing without getting lost in the daily social media clutter? Check out these 4 tips and learn how to stay afloat while surfing diverse social media platforms!

Tip #1: Social Networking Sites

Once upon a time, word-of-mouth marketing was the most efficient and best way of branding your venture, product, or service. Social media networking sites work the same way, just in a different form. Nowadays, we log onto social networking sites daily, sometimes even hourly, and communicate by posting pictures, comments, likes, and posts. 3 keys to communicating via social networking sites:

1. Post pictures of your product in action ..

Ever hear the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words”? People love looking at pictures to grasp a better idea of a product, service, event or person. Take advantage of action-shot photos that demonstrate your purpose. By posting these photos, people can view, like, comment, and share them, and – most importantly – become more interested in what you are offering. Don’t be afraid to post social proof!

2. Run contests ..

Encourage people to continuously visit, like, comment and share your site or page. Simple activities like contests of give-aways allow people to engage in your offering and share their experience with friends and family. Motivate your market to fill out surveys, contests, and polls by rewarding them with prizes they would enjoy.

3. Engage with others ..

Respond, respond, respond! People love recognition and to be engaged. Answer to your market or suggest other interesting links and pages you may have. Encourage your customers to explore your other pages – make them feel welcome to come back and participate again.

Tip #2: Video Marketing

Video marketing is booming! It is a great way to uniquely spread a message in a personal manner. For instance, you can demonstrate how to use a product, explain how a service works, answer questions, provide a webinar, and so on! Make people feel comfortable – let them see your purpose, whether it be a product or service, in action!

Tip #3: Pay Per Click Marketing

Often, social networking sites – like Facebook – will reward you for engagement traffic but scrutinize you for low quality messages by disabling your posts to pop up frequently. Statistics have proven that only about 17% of your fans will see  your message – wow! That means a great chunk of your audience that ‘Like’ your page will not hear from you and, most likely, forget about you. Here’s the fix! Most PPC (pay per click) marketing tools allow you to target specific online demographics of your market by zip code, sex, age, martial status, interests and education level. Specifically with Facebook, you can also target both those who are your fans and those who are not.

Lets take a closer look at Facebook…

The simplest form of PPC marketing on Facebook is to promote an ad from a page post. This strategy allows you to promote a certain post that will show the associated picture with the post and highlight the first few sentences of the message. This will pop up on the right side of anyone’s page. Once it is clicked, your market will be rerouted to the desired page. If they don’t click the ad, they are still exposed to it. For only $15 a day, these affordable campaigns can reel in loads of people!

Tip #4: Local Online Search

Ever wonder how and why the ventures listed at the top of a Google search are there? Simple. They have their businesses listed on all of the relevant local online search directories. Over 90%, people go online to look for a specific business within a certain area, for instance, ordering chinese food in your neighborhood. It is important to list yourself and consistently update your information on multiple local online search directories. Being listed within the first few posts is extremely important – who likes scrolling down the page looking through countless posts? Best of all, sites like Yelp, Manta, Google+ Local, and Yahoo! AOL Yellow Pages allow you to list yourself in local directories for free! You can also encourage your market to leave comments on your directory – spread the word!

In essence, involve your market via social media networking sites by posting photos, videos, pay per click campaigns, and being listed on local online directories. Optimize these tips and you will drive customer traffic your way.

Source: Marketing Mircales – Dan Kennedy, Thomas Bukacel